Lynne Christensen is a world traveler who enjoys visiting museums and archives. She grew up roaming around graveyards in Europe with her genealogy-loving parents in search of elusive ancestors. A lifelong learner, she earned both Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Commerce degrees plus has multiple years of experience in marketing and corporate communications. Her writing is published in numerous magazine articles, case studies, advertisements and technical manuals. She lives on the West Coast of Canada in a house full of fascinating books.

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Q & A

How did you get the idea for this series?

I was standing in our home’s massive library. Suddenly it dawned upon me that I had a pretty unique childhood. Add in travel and life experience ... the story just ran from there. Aunt Edwina came alive in my mind after reflecting upon the hundreds of wonderful, eager, knowledgeable and enthusiastic seniors I’ve had the privilege to work with during my life.

"Dearest Julie: Please accept this gift on your wedding day from me. I hope this special event was everything you hoped for and more. I asked you to open this gift last because it has special meaning to me, and also it’s about to send you on an interesting journey."

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Can I give this book as a gift without worrying about explicit content?

Yes, this is a clean read, family-friendly novel. You don’t have to read it first to screen out any embarrassing or dodgy pages.


"I had to admit this was likely the most fun adventure I was about to go on this year, perhaps in my entire life."

When will more books be available?

Aunt Edwina's Wonderful Legacy (Book 2) and An Aunt Edwina Christmas (Book 3) were both released in Fall 2022 and are now available at online retailers and bookstores around the world.

"What bound us together was a love of family history. No matter where or when, the GGRS would deliver ... even if the project involved jellied octopus, spies, ostrich feathers, saddler’s tools, cryptic jewelry, or snooty clubs. We were far too tenacious to give up or take no for an answer."

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What do you do when you’re not writing?

Write some more … just kidding. I also run a business writing consultancy and enjoy walking for exercise, cooking healthy meals for my mum, archival research, history webinars and British television.


How long have you been writing?

Since about the age of 14. All my life I’ve enjoyed it, both as a hobby and as part of my business career. Over time, I became the go-to writer at the office, no matter where I worked. I enjoy writing to help people communicate better, understand each other more and most of all, bring joy.


Where do the ideas for your novels originate?

Everywhere. That’s a fact. While I don’t actually know any lobster fishermen, I’m an avid watcher of documentaries about just anything. Trains, rose pruning, Siberia, slate mines, medieval kings, Viking archeology … I’m interested in it all. I read a ton, interact with a lot of people all over the world and have travelled extensively. I grew up in a very academic household; the opportunities it provided opened my eyes, ears and heart to the possibilities of realistic storytelling.

"McTaggart stated, “Never in my forty-five years of trapping lobsters have I seen such blatant disregard for a man’s way of living. City folk ought not to be on such a wee island with such wee minds.”